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Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps and the power of Google Search to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips. It's quite amazing! You can view almost any location on earth from high above as if you were floating in orbit.

Many Google Earth users have amazing things to say about viewing old neighborhoods, landmarks and even their current houses. When I viewed my house I could even see my car parked outside all the way from space!

There are even entire web sites dedicated to using Google Earth to view ancient buildings, landmarks, capital cities and much more. It's exciting! You should join in on the fun.

Quick overview of Google Earth

Posted by Earth Pro in Google Earth on June 24th, 2010 |  No Comments »

Google Earth as the name suggests it is a virtual that is unreal image of the planet earth. It includes the globe, map and even the geographic information about our planet. Earlier Google earth software was called Earth Viewer 3D. Keyhole, Inc was responsible for this software. Google acquired this company in 2004. This basic feature of this software is that it uses and superimposes the images which are obtained from the satellite or photography sources and even from global information systems.

Interesting features of Google Earth

Posted by Earth Pro in Google Earth on June 24th, 2010 |  No Comments »

There are many features of Google Earth which are as follows:

Wikipedia-Panoramio integration

This is the first and the foremost feature Of Google Earth. Panoramio is website which is related to the images related to geographical entities. The important point in Panoramio is the images are available in layers which must be updated as needed. All these layers are available in the thirty seven languages which are mentioned in the Google Earth. After the integration of Google and Panoramio Google detached layer known as the “Geographic Web” layer. The Panoramio layer became the most important layer of Google Earth.

Glimpse on six missions of Earth Explorer

Posted by Earth Pro in Other Satellite Programs on June 24th, 2010 |  No Comments »

Earth Explorer! Have you heard about this magnificent software program? Well, as the name implies this useful software program lets you to explore the beautiful planet. You can browse the surface of our beautiful globe by means of this wonderful program. In addition to this, you can view fantastic imagery of our planet along with precise geographical details. This interactive globe proves to be a three Dimensional digital world map software application. This program incorporates all the accurate information about our globe. It comprise of numerous islands, cities, rivers, countries along with political boundaries. Furthermore you can have opportunity to add your own place marks by making use of this program. In addition you can insert path on the maps. By utilizing this great program users can even import comprehensive user-defined information listings for the map. There are several efficient and amazing functionalities in Earth Explorer version 5.0. It has very merge/satellite/SRTM three view modes. Furthermore, this program has the great potential to escalate the map download speed.

Google Earth’s Book Search layer

Posted by Earth Pro in Google Earth on June 24th, 2010 |  No Comments »

Have you used Google earth program? Do you know about Google’s Book Search layer? Almost every one of us must be making use of Google Earth for different purposes. Google has now enhanced the scope of its Google Earth by launching Book search layer. When turned on while using Google Earth, this layer facilitates its users and displays small book icon. Earlier by means of Google earth it was possible to explore the planet. However it was essential to type the name of the particular place. Now with this added layer this need is completely eliminated. Now what you need to do is browse and place marks will be displayed automatically. In fact, all these place marks are outcomes of the search places which are found to be stated in various books that are indexed by Google search engine. For renowned locations like "Paris", users can view wide array of signs in a sequence of concentric circles. Each sign exhibits the outcomes of that particular city stated in a specified book. There are several references which can be mystifying at times. On the other hand if one clicks on the summary link, then you will be directed straightly towards the book search layer of the Google Earth.

This is obvious that it is a thrilling way to know and explore our excellent globe all the way through unembellished means. This layer can work as an effective and useful aid for students and teachers as well. If people want to know more about our marvelous planet earth then it can be an efficient and useful means for this. Since the release of Google earth version 4.2, many people are enjoying its new feature called as flight simulator. This is included as a hidden feature. Google has served us with various useful and innovative products. By adding new features and functionalities it has enhanced the scope and scale of the Google earth program. Book search layer can be used as an educational aid. Teachers can use it effectively use it while teaching whereas students can add their knowledge with great Google Earth program. Google earth Book search layer provides an excellent and outstanding means for serving users. There are several great advantages of Google earth.

Google earth has added numerous layers. By adding layers, Google has brought us magnificent means for accomplishing various tasks in faster, easier and effective manner. By using book search layer of Google earth students can get chance to explore and get detailed information about our beautiful planet earth. Furthermore, this layer can be used easily. Hence students can take advantage of this. This will help them to accomplish thorough research about their intended location or any geographical topic. If you want to know more about the Google earth, then you can visit the website. Also it is very easy to download the program. So, what are waiting for? Just download program and layer and get ready to enjoy new advanced book search layer of the magnificent Google earth program.

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Virtual Earth – an excellent software download

Posted by Earth Pro in Microsoft Virtual Earth on June 24th, 2010 |  No Comments »

The Virtual Earth program is an astonishing software download. This excellent program aids its users to save their precious money and time as well. Owing to its numerous wonderful features it can take you to any part of our beautiful planet earth. Thus you can enjoy virtual ride of any intended destination on the globe. After visiting that spot virtually users can decide whether that location should be visited or not. Thus it can save your money spent in travelling. It is very easy to download this excellent program. After installing it on your computer you can accomplish several tasks in very quicker, simpler and effective fashion. This multipurpose software will facilitate you to perform various jobs. If you try the program Virtual Earth then you can surely enjoy the great power of virtualization.


Posted by Earth Pro in NASA World Wind on June 23rd, 2010 |  No Comments »

NASA has developed world wind application or applets using java language. Using data World wind can display any globe. World Wind has tremendous potential in science applications, educational software, and business and government use. From Geological, SurveyUSGS, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA to publish earth science data on the web. We can get the full range of satellite data is now available from the menu;it also gives you to providing a good opportunity to teach about the range of data available through remote sensing. It resolution is as good as that provided by the current dataset from Google Earth.


Posted by Earth Pro in NASA World Wind on June 23rd, 2010 |  No Comments »

NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration, released world wind in 2004 World Wind NASA is an intelligent Systems Division develops at Ames Research Center. It is free and open source virtual globe use for personal computers. Their old versions run on Microsoft. For newer version called world wind Java must run on java platform. It was best software of year 2009.It main use for capturing satellite images, aerial photography, and topographical maps.

Microsoft affix Photosynth to Virtual Earth

Posted by Earth Pro in Microsoft Virtual Earth on June 23rd, 2010 |  No Comments »

MSN Virtual Earth was established for the first time at an event hosted by Microsoft chairman and chief software architect Bill Gates. Microsoft director believed that it will turn out to be accessible sometime in between June 21 and September 22. Microsoft's MSN allotment will boost up its search engine in the next couple of weeks by calculating a confined search index for finding business directory schedule. Later, the business will increase this with MSN Virtual Earth, a liberated innovative service that will identify places in chart and satellite images. Confined search is a wide hole in the MSN search engine. All additional chief search engine suppliers, including Yahoo, Google, Ask Jeeves, and America Online, have a limited search tab on their search Web sites. As part of its local hunt service, Google also grant maps and satellite images, presenting functionality that is related to what Microsoft is aspiring for with MSN Virtual Earth.

In addition to auxiliary MSN's local search index, MSN Virtual Earth will allow consumer cover maps and satellite snap in order to craft a hybrid image that mingles the finest of both intermediates. MSN Virtual Earth will moreover be incorporated with consumers favored e-mail relevance and, with a solo click, will put associations in e-mail messages to charts and images. Customer will furthermore be capable to send images to their MSN Spaces Web log from contained by the MSN Virtual Earth edge. Customer will be encouraged to provide feedback on business directory listings so that the MSN narrow search service will be able to give an individual wisdom of what a picky area is like.

Google Earth – Beneficial tool for students

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Using Google Earth program has many advantages. It is beneficial for business aims, geography classes and teachers. It is a unique tool, which has made the job of teaching geography lessons of teachers becomes easy. It offers you all sorts of data. Using Google Earth, you will get information about any place or a location. You do not need to go anywhere to get information about a particular place if you are planning for a tour. Google Earth program has everything from driving directions to reach that place. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download it on your computer and enjoy its amazing features.

Earth Browser’s uses and features

Posted by Earth Pro in Other Satellite Programs on June 23rd, 2010 |  No Comments »

Do you want to make use of the program Earth Browser? If yes, you can use them by downloading it on your computer. Downloading and using it is a very easy one. Earth Browser program is a 3D reproduction of our wonderful glob, which updates the entire globe’s information on regular basis. It also gives users virtual representation of planet with important information in correct manner. You are also able to rotate as well as expand it for viewing far-off images of our amazing planet earth. Earth Browser program is a great shareware program, which provides its users with a number of attractive plus amazing features. Thus, if you wish to download this program as well as experience it, you need to first download it on your computer. Its several features are immobilized in its display mode.

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